Editorial CalendarĀ 2017

Asian Textile Journal (ATJ)
Issue month
Pubn. date
Advt material deadline
General features
Previews and Reviews of Fairs/Events
Country Specials
January Jan 20 Jan 10 Home textiles, fibre developments
Cotton production and ginning
February Feb 18 Feb 06 Needle-punching, recycling of plastics
Nonwoven apparels, terry fabrics
Heimtextil Review Scandinavian
March Mar 18 Mar 03 Spinning machinery, winding, warping and sizing
Coating and laminating
April Apr 15 Apr 03 Quality control & testing, Oeko-Tex, ecotextiles
Agrotextiles, reclaimed fibre products
May May 01 May 15 MMF spinning, world market for technical textiles
Geotextiles, high-performance fibres
Techtextil Frankfurt
German machinery
June June 10 June 01 Knitting machinery and accessories, digital printing
Smart textiles, protective wear
TTNA Chicago Preview  
July July 20 July 05 European spinning machinery
Medical, hygiene textiles, wipes, sports wear
Dornbirn MFC Preview Austrian machinery
August Aug 21 Aug 05 Spinning accessories, effluent and waste mgmt
Weaving and knitting of narrow fabrics
  Swiss machinery
September Sept 10 Sept 01 Filtration, developments in composites/nonwovens
Industrial textiles, twisting and texturising
Techtextil India Preview Italian machinery
October Oct 20 Oct 06 Weaving machinery and accessories
CSR and sustainability, plasma technology
Shanghaitex Preview Chinese machinery
November Nov 18 Nov 06 Automotive textiles, knitting machinery and accessories
3-D printing, control systems and softwares
Dornbirn MFC Review  
December Dec 15 Nov 02 Dyeing, printing and finishing, speciality finishes
Acoustic and architectural textiles
  Indian machinery
(Editorial features subject to change/modification)

Asian Technical Textiles (ATT)
Publication date
General features
Previews and Reviews of Fairs/Events
Country Specials
Jan-Mar 2017
10 March
Advt material by
24 Feb

Spunlaid nonwovens, oekotech
Recycling of plastics, technical fibres and yarns
Cotton in nonwovens, HEPA/ULPA filters
Protective textiles, mobiltech, sustainability
Market overview : Medical, hygiene and wipes

Domotex Review
JEC World Paris Preview
Index17 Preview

Swiss technical textiles and

Apr-June 2017
26 April
Advt material by
10 April

Wetlaid nonwovens, knitting of technical textiles
Nonwoven composites, nanofibres, electrospinning
Carbon fibre, acoustic textiles
Market overview : Filtration

Techtextil Frankfurt Preview
TTNA Chicago Preview

Italian technical textiles and

July-Sep 2017
05 SeptĀ 
Advt material by
21 Aug

Industrial textiles, adhesives and application systems
Nonwovens for recycled fibres, conductive fibres
Superabsorbent polymers (SAP), ultrasonic welding
Meltblown, Pre-owned machinery, packtech
Coating and lamination, MMF spg and texturising
Market overview : Geotextiles

Techtextil Frankfurt Review
Index17 Review Techtextil India Preview
IFAI Expo Preview

US technical textile markets
Asian nonwoven markets

Oct-Dec 2017
22 November
Advt material by
06 Nov
QC and testing of technical textiles, standardisations Winders for technical yarns, recycling of composites Smart textiles and wearables, functional finishes Agrotech, needle-punching, sporttech Weaving of technical textiles
Market overview : Machinery for nonwovens

IFAI Expo Review
Hofer Review

German technical textiles and machinery
European nonwoven markets

(Editorial features subject to change/modification)


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