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Asian Textile Journal (ATJ) has long been established as the leading international textile magazine which is in its 26th year of publication for businesses involved in the textile manufacturing industry from raw fibres to spinning and weaving, knitting, chemical processing to finished garment make-up, nonwovens, composites, environmental aspects etc. It provides expert comments and analyses on general industry trends, corporate business profiles, technological developments and innovations, regional coverage of Asian countries specifically of India, China, SE Asian emerging economies.

With the Asian textile and apparel industry on the growth path, there are enormous opportunities and challenges for textile industry to capture new markets, and the Asian Textile Journal (ATJ) launched in 1992 as a monthly magazine - understands the needs of the industry and is the right medium to implement your business strategies in emerging textile sectors of India, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and SE Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, etc), Middle East North Africa (MENA) region.

Asian Textile Journal (ATJ) with a readership of 90,000 plus in 32 countries offers to its advertisers the most effective and right medium for advertising their products in the Asian and European markets.

   Asian Technical Textiles (ATT) - Quarterly

The technical textiles industry is as broad and diverse as the products it generates, with new and innovative applications. The demand for technical textiles in many countries is growing causing existing markets to expand and also leading to new ones. And the end-use markets for nonwovens are classified as either disposable or durables.

The disposable end-use markets are made up of product categories such as absorbent hygiene, wipes, filtration, medical and surgical, protective apparel, while the durable market comprises of geosynthetics, home and office furnishings, transportation, building constructions. Fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) and composites are considered to be materials with enormous potential and have diverse range of applications leading to significant growth in its market acceptance. They can be used in automotives, construction, wind energy, marine, aviation and electronics. Increasingly enabled by the introduction of newer polymer matrix materials and high performance reinforcement fibres of glass, carbon and aramid, the penetration of these advanced materials in various forms has witnessed a steady expansion in uses and volume.

There would be sustained growth in all the technical textiles sectors which is evident from the studies undertaken on their projected growth potential by 2020 : technical textiles market US$ 194 billion, coated fabrics $ 22 billion, protective clothing market $ 9.3 billion, superabsorbent polymers (SAP) $ 9 billion, automotive $ 6.5 billion, nonwoven filter media $ 6 billion. Since the nonwovens and technical textiles industry has international presence, the ATT having a circulation of 7,000 copies with a readership of 50,000 plus enables advertisers to reach major markets as the magazines are circulated to qualified subscribers in more than 40 countries.


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